Monday, December 1, 2008

Tools for the Elementary Visual Arts Classroom

At my son and daughter's conferences, I had a good visit with their elementary art teacher. Both of my kids love art class, and they both love computers. The discussion turned to Comic Life, the Plasq program that allows you to take your photos and quickly create a comic strip from them. Thus, it's not only an art tool, but also a digital storytelling tool.

In addition to Comic Life, there are several other programs that my kids have found accessible and interesting:

SketchCast - Best used with a sketchpad, this tool will record an animation of the user sketching the drawing. Can also record voice as well.

GoAnimate - For upper elementary students, this tool introduces animation and cartoon creation. It comes with templates and stock images to help the learning process

Warholizer - Easy-to-use tool turns your photo into the Marilyn-esque pop art reproduction of Andy Warhol.

Gliffy - An online diagramming tool for all grade levels, whether it be flow charts, organizational charts, or floor plans.

Gifup - One of many quick online tools allowing you to upload a photo and then try out basic effects.

Bubblesnaps - A free, online version of Comic Life.

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