Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mac netbook in the works?

Rumors are swirling about a Mac netbook being available. Netbooks, slimmed down laptops ideal for 1:1 projects that emphasize web 2.0 technology and cloud computing, can cost about half the price of regular laptops. At this point, it is all speculation, but some are suggesting a Mac netbook could hit the market for $599.

For districts who are married to Apple products, you should proceed cautiously. The $600 price tag might be tempting. However, these won't be full-featured Macs running iLife like we are used to. In fact, they might not be any different than the serviceable netbooks that are already out there from Dell and other brands that can cost around $400.

On the other hand, Apple is innovative with everything it does... look at what it did with cell phones. There's no telling what other features could come with it.

If Apple indeed is introducing a netbook (and I'm highly skeptical), one prediction I have is it will suddenly draw the interest of many school districts into 1:1 initiatives. The timing would be ideal for Iowa to look at a comprehensive movement to help districts teach effectively in that environment.

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