Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Improving the Summit

Because I get obsessed easily, I've ruminated about some things to consider for future years:

1. Show during Judy's keynote the data from DE visits through the year. Something along the lines of "This percentage of districts mentioned they are implementing X, this many are actually implementing it with fidelity, and this many had their test scores go up". Then show how this data helped develop the agenda (IPDM-style).

2. Have leadership team work sessions, where they can meet one-on-one with a content-area expert consultant from either the DE or an AEA. Imagine the work that can be accomplished if a leadership team knew they had carte blanche to ask any question of an Iowa Core specialist or an Authentic Intellectual Work specialist or a technology integration specialist, etc.

3. Possibly put the conference online, especially if weather is such an issue.

4. Have feedback sheets collected after each session and keynote.

5. Encourage more student showcases of great projects. We pay lip service to providing authentic audiences for students and developing pride in their work. Here is an excellent opportunity for them to do so in a meaningful way.

6. Have true roundtable discussions. A session like "A roundtable of principals discuss how to keep their small districts competitive" or "A roundtable of administrators on how to balance budgets in hard economic times" to promote the sharing of ideas.

7. Or better yet, have districts sign up to do a sharing with two other districts, and allow the teachers and administrators to develop the "so how do you do this" questions.

8. Of course, provide sessions for technology integration demonstration and sharing. Especially if Judy is going to emphasize how critical it is in her keynote.

Just some thoughts from a guy who can't sleep...

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