AEA PD Online

In 2007, the AEA Chief Administrators commissioned a group of representatives from each AEA to collaborate and share online professional development that was offered locally.  Over time, this group morphed into a statewide system for online professional development, where all the online professional development offered by AEAs in the state is in one location.  This system is known as AEA PD Online.

Certified by Iowa's Board of Educational Examiners, AEA PD Online began to offer online courses for licensure renewal credit on May 1, 2011.  We also are partnering to offer graduate credit through Drake, Morningside, and Viterbo.  Courses are offered mainly in asynchronous format, through our learning management system, Moodle.  This includes several statewide initiatives, including Google Apps, OLLIE, and iEvaluate.  Those interested can check out our course catalog and register here.

AEA PD Online also offers several asynchronous trainings for teachers.  Under the direction of Dr. Marv Howard, the AEA PD Online training system contains trainings in areas such as Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse, Occupational Hazards: Bloodborne Pathogens, 103B Legislation on Seclusion and Restraint, and Medication Administration in Schools.  Each training results in a printable certificate for teachers.  Schools taking part have administrative access to oversee their employee account information, run reports on completion of trainings, and add their own trainings to the system.

In addition, AEA PD Online is organizing online professional development in the areas of online communities and synchronous/virtual trainings.  These are available at no cost to Iowa schools and other partner institutions.  Also, we currently are working with the statewide EdTech ARRA work to build capacity in K-12 schools.  This includes the offering of OLLIE cohorts as well as development of free online content for K-12 schools.  For example, our Introduction to Online Learning module is used by several districts throughout the state.

For more information, please check out our website.