Monday, December 8, 2008

High School Summit - Part 2

A good session on 21st century skills. Led by Dr. Nadene Davidson (UNI) and Dr. Jody Stone (Price lab Schools). This session gave an overview of the skills in the 4 areas (employability, financial, health, and technology).

Some of the high points:
• Highlighted the foundation of the work... Partnership for 21st century skills, NCREL's enGauge, and SCANS "What Work Requires of Schools" report
• Identified 5 key pieces for implementation in your Iowa Core plan... professional development in instruction/assessment, collaboration with other faculty and community, high expectations, changing the school environment (be it project-based learning, time allocation, or student ownership), and technology breadth.
• Used clips from New Tech schools in California to highlight 21st century teaching and learning, much like Judy.
• Presented a 21st century skills inventory (created by Stone) which schools can use as an alignment tool
• And, put forth some key questions for planning implementation.

Those questions for planning include:
1. Where are the 21st century skills addressed?
2. At what level are they addressed?
3. Which skills are not being addressed?
4. How can we restructure programs and the classroom to ensure they are fully implemented?
5. And in the classroom, how do I know students are getting it?

Handouts from the Iowa High School Summit can be found here.

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