Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Things that bug me, part one million and 26

I've been known to complain too much, and this really is a minor thing.  Still...

My son's quiz question:
Why is voting a good way to have a voice in your community?
a. Voting is easy
b. Voting helps make towns and cities better places
c. Voters choose who will help make decisions for the community

The answer guide of course says c, but you could easily argue b.  That's what my son chose.  And, he got it marked wrong.

It's not that he got it wrong that bothers me.  It's that he didn't get a chance to explain why he chose that answer, as he told me.  They never went over the questions as a class.  This is a golden opportunity for students to justify their answers with rationale and logic.  At the very least, the teacher should explain why a given answer is correct and others wrong.  But instead, students won't have a chance to learn and engage in dialectic discussion.

The answer sheet said c.

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