Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Foundations of the Iowa Core

The Department of Education, in conjunction with the AEAs, released over the summer an online module entitled "Foundations of the Iowa Core".  The module is to be used as a component of professional development, or simply as an information piece.  While its development began as a response to some confusion amongst educators about what the Iowa Core, where it began, or where it is heading, it has also been beneficial for parents and community members to get a sense of the initiative.

The module focuses on
  • The basic features and terminology of the Iowa Core
  • Understanding the 6 Outcomes
  • Identifying the characteristics of effective instruction
  • Discussing the benefits of the Iowa Core for students, educators, communities, and the state
The module is intended to be use either individually or in conjunction with others.  There are several collaborative learning team (CLT) activities for schools who use it as part of their face-to-face inservice, as well as individual activities if a person is looking at it alone.  In addition to activities, the module features video interviews with teachers, students, and community members.  The content itself will take about 1 hour to complete if working individually, and will take 2-3 hours if groups are discussing the CLT activities.

Iowa Core in a Nutshell
5 Characteristics of Effective Instruction

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