Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fall Online Courses in Leadership, Technology

A quick look at the courses I'm offering online this fall & winter:

Leadership, Technology & 21st Century Schools (3 cr. - Nov 9-Jan 29)

Course Description: Scott McLeod argues: "Without leadership, the great and wide-spread change our schools need cannot take place. Unfortunately, the people in charge of leading school organizations into the 21st century often are the least knowledgeable about the 21st century."

In this course, participants will examine and discuss the changes necessary for schools. They will develop their own personal technology skills and analyze frameworks for implementing a digital curriculum in their buildings. They will examine the role leadership plays in this process. And, they will then improve their professional practice by developing their own action plan.

The work in this class builds on the McREL traits of leadership, but participation in previous Leadership Academies is not a pre-requisite.

Developing Personal Learning Networks (1 cr. - Nov. 9-22)

Course Description: Professional development in the 21st century is changing towards Professional Learning Communities and Personal Learning Networks (PLNs). In this online course, we will look at George Siemens' connectivism learning theory and the implications for the way educators learn. We will examine how to structure systemic change to move your individual (or district) practice towards a PLN, utilizing social media tools such as Delicious, RSS, Twitter, and Nings to improve practice

Presentation Zen: Improving Your Approach to Presentations (1 cr. - Oct 12-25)

Course Description: We've all been there: a presentation that isn't working. The message gets lost, the audience becomes distracted, or altogether disinterested. Otherwise known as death by power point.

We use presentations to communicate, share ideas, teach, and persuade. Unfortunately, many of the practices we are taught for presentations actually hurt our objectives. Bulleted lists, sound effects, and small graphics take our audience's attention off our intended meaning and put it on the presentation itself.

This course helps participants understand and practice the principles of "Presentation Zen" outlined in Garr Reynolds' book. It allows participants the chance to reflect on their own professional practice and communication skills, and improve their own presentations for better meaning. And it puts the focus back on presentation as a process of teaching and learning.

Technology for Online Instruction: Moodle and Adobe Connect Pro (2 cr. - Jan 11th-Feb 14th)

Course Description: With the demand for online instruction rising, both in K-12 and for professional development, instructors need support in understanding the available tools and their appropriate pedagogical use.

This course will help teachers feel comfortable using Moodle and Adobe Connect Pro, equipping them with tools and skills to create and deliver online instruction. Participants will develop content in the Moodle platform, including activities, forums, lessons, and assessments. Participants will also create and facilitate webinars in Adobe Connect Pro, using desktop sharing and interactive features. Skills and concepts will be analyzed in context of the Iowa Online Teaching Standards and Course Standards.


All the courses will take place online. Graduate credit will be made available through Drake University. Interested participants can register at the Heartland Professional Development Catalog.

Also, to see other online AEA Professional Development offerings for teachers, including from different AEAs in Iowa, check out the Iowa Learns website.

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