Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Changes to the Heartland Mandatory Training Site

We have rolled out our new online training site. While the site maintains the same trainings as before (including Mandatory Reporter for Child/Dependent Adult Abuse, OSHA trainings, Ethics for Educators, and 504 training), the trainings themselves have been updated.

Some of the benefits of the new site:
  1. It features a "student portfolio". A teacher logs in before registering for a particular course. Once they have logged in, they are able to see all the courses they are registered for and have completed, as well as the status of the courses (it mentions if and when that certification expires).
  2. The student portfolio allows teachers to print all their own certificates without having to retake/work their way back through the course.
  3. The student portfolio allows teachers to go back in and review the content as a reference without having to "register" for the course again.
  4. The overall look is updated, more stable and user-friendly.
When a teacher first logs in to the system, they will need to register. We've highlighted where to do that in the picture above. For those looking for assistance operating the new site, we have some tutorial videos available on how to register, sign up for a training, navigate, print certificates, change settings, and review material.

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