Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Voicethread is generating quite a bit of buzz amongst teachers.

This online collaborative tool gives teachers an alternative to power point presentations and Flickr-style commenting.

An individual creates a voicethread by uploading images, files, slides, and even videos. Then, the owner can comment on what they have uploaded in different ways: with an audio recording, a written text message, or a webcam recording. Most interesting is the program allows commenting from a cell phone, making it a tool that uses the technology students already own.

Once the owner finishes the uploading of files and the commenting, she shares the voicethread for others to comment. This creates a wide variety of opportunities. Students can create digital storytelling. Or, students can jointly build a book review. Or, students can write feedback of the impression the student's artwork or poetry left on them. Or...

While there is a limit of 25 MB, it does integrate with iMovie to make it even more functional for teachers who have previously used the Apple program. Take a look for yourself and see the ways that teachers are using it.

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