Friday, April 1, 2011

Summer OLLIE Courses

The statewide OLLIE implementation is hitting full stride this summer!  As more and more educators are looking to learn how to teach online, the demand for OLLIE has risen.  To meet that demand, we have several AEA consultants now offering courses.
  • Keystone AEA - Norma Thiese
  • AEA 267 - Deb Versteeg, Cheryl Carruthers
  • Prairie Lakes AEA - Karen Appleton, Dorothy Degroot
  • Mississippi Bend AEA - Julie Alfaro, Robert Reppert
  • Grant Wood AEA - Karen Goslinga
  • Heartland AEA - Denise Krefting, Lynn McCartney
  • Northwest AEA - Pam Buysman, Judy Sweetman
  • Green Hills AEA - Judy Griffin, Maryann Angeroth
  • Great Prairie AEA - Kristin Steingreaber, Leslie Roberts, Fran McVeigh
Having more instructors means having more courses, both those with open registration, and those that are provided to a school as ongoing professional development by your AEA.  If you are interested in having OLLIE delivered to your staff as part of ongoing professional development, contact your local AEA representative.

• Technology for Online Instruction - A course that focuses on the tools an online teacher can use in her classroom.  Participants will learn how to build in the Moodle platform, how to weave in other tools such as social bookmarking, RSS, and synchronous meeting tools, and a chance to explore other ways of delivering learning activities online.

Dates:  May 9 - June 12
June 13 - July 24
June 20 - July 31
July 11 - Aug 12
Sept 19 - Oct 31

• Instructional Design - A course that examines the process of creating sound lessons and units online--units that are engaging, interactive, aligned, and focused on end outcomes.  Participants will apply their learning by building the introductory and first two units of their own course, either in Moodle or via a unit plan.  For those looking to create a course in Moodle, it is strongly advised to take the Technology for Online Instruction course first.

Dates: June 13 - July 17
Oct 16 - Nov 20

• Online Facilitation - A course that helps a teacher see all the different considerations that go into teaching online vs. teaching face-to-face.  Everything from how you schedule your week to how you take on different styles/roles in the process of teaching, how you frame your words to how you structure group activity and build classroom culture.  This course involves many interactive scenario-based activities, giving a teacher a taste of the tasks an online teacher faces regularly.

Dates: June 6 - July 15
June 17 - July 24
July 11 - Aug 12
July 18 - Aug 21
Sept 5 - Oct 14

• Assessment, Feedback, and Evaluation (NEW) - This course analyzes the methods by which an instructor helps a student understand if they are learning and what else they need to learn.  Included in this is how to establish self-assessment and peer-assessment, as well as get participant feedback to improve a course.

Dates: May 30 - July 3
Sept 19 - Oct 23

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