Friday, August 21, 2009

Things My Ed Tech Consultant Forgot to Tell Me

(Because, while we edtech consultants are the biggest enthusiasts for integrating technology in the classroom and push it as much as we can, we often forget to mention the pitfalls with integrating technology the wrong way...)

1. While as a whole, integrating technology is a must for a 21st century education, for any individual lesson, not integrating technology is always an option. Some things are better done not on the computer.

2. While, yes the world is changing, that change goes deeper than technology. Just giving every student a computer does not mean they are getting different & better education.

3. There is definitely a point where you can "do too much technology" in a school improvement plan. Looking at 5 tools at a time only assures you of doing all 5 not as well as you should.

4. While awareness of tools and modeling how they work is important, the only way to assure your whole school is effectively learning how to integrate technology is through coaching. PD sessions where you see and practice a new tool when you haven't been coached through implementing the last one are counter-productive.

5. Integration of technology, like anything else you do in the classroom, should be SMART goal-oriented. That is, it needs to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely. And, the goal is not to integrate the technology, the goal is to improve student achievement.

6. Because of number 5, you need to acquire concrete data about student learning, before, during, and after integration, to see if your integration is effective. If it isn't, don't keep doing it the same way. Re-evaluate what you are doing.

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