Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jeffrey, Davidson on 21st Century Skills in the Iowa Core

For schools and educators looking for more guidance on what the role of 21st century skills plays in the deployment of the Iowa Core...

Judy Jeffrey will speak on "Iowa's Path to 21st Century Learning" at the Cyber Summit for 21st Century Skills, tomorrow at 1:00 (Central time). The Cyber Summit, organized by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills, is done solely online from June 1-12, and will bring an array of different presenters on 21st century skills in education. You will need to register at their website to attend virtually.

Dr. Z (big hat-tip) also highlights a presentation by Dr. Nadene Davidson, who co-chairs the Iowa Core's workteam on 21st century skills. In the presentation, Davidson gives not only a discussion about the role of 21st century skills, but also gives some historical background on the development of the Iowa Core.

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