Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Iowa DE on Twitter

Well, not quite the DE, but very close. Elaine Watkins-Miller, who is a communications consultant for the DE, has been twittering for a couple months and gives good updates on what's happening in education and the department (with links). Definitely worth the follow.

I'm interested in the meta-analysis as well. Elaine has a personal account, so technically she isn't "speaking for" the DE. But she still is using Twitter to get out in front of the message. This is a good message for school districts; use the tools out there to get ahead of the message. Whether to go with a personal account or an "agency" account (which are different in name only), is a worthwhile discussion. I'll be leading a discussion on this topic during tomorrow's Iowa School Public Relations Association conference.

She is ElaineWM on Twitter.

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