Monday, March 16, 2009

Using the lens of habitudes for your Iowa Core plan

If you are an Iowa school district and making sense of the Iowa Core's "21st century skill component" is getting you nervous, I'd recommend taking the bull by the horns. Faculties across the state are ripe for this conversation. How is teaching and learning in the 21st century different than before?

I think the Partnership for the 21st Century is only part of the equation. And while the Iowa Core will add guidance, I think the ongoing discussion of what teaching and learning is will add much more meaning and actual difference in classroom discussion. In other words, don't be limited by the Core.

I'd mentioned Stephen Downes' "What You Really Need to Learn" presentation as an excellent discussion starter. I'd up that by saying Angela Maiers' Classroom Habitudes is just at good at analyzing what habits and attitudes we want to develop in students.

Angela, a local resource who resides in Des Moines, frames 21st century teaching and learning into 6 "habitudes", including imagination, curiosity, perseverence, self-awareness, courage, and adaptability. Her book can help facilitate your school's discussion.

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