Monday, February 23, 2009

Discussion of Leadership & the Iowa Core

I attended School Administrator's of Iowa's afternoon session on the Iowa Core and leadership. It featured a panel of 7 administrators from a range of districts, all of which were identified as being ahead of the curve in implementation. Overall, each of the administrators were very impressive; they were an extremely positive group that fully believed in the change that the Core is bringing.

Here are some of the thoughts from the panelists:
  • Our sole focus so far has been on the first outcome, developing leadership. This is through not only beefing up our principals' comfort with curriculum, but also with enabling our teachers who are "influencers"
  • My biggest task as a superintendent is to keep constant communication with our board and community that "Change is Coming"
  • We started a "trial balloon" course focusing on the Iowa Core and surveyed the students afterwards. There reactions were they wanted more technology, less teacher talking.
  • When implementing, you have to ask yourself "Do we want commitment or compliance?"
  • It is important to create "patient urgency". To know that change is a process, not an arrival destination.
  • Superintendent involvement is absolutely critical... it can't just be passed down to others.
  • The principal needs to prioritize being in the classroom, seeing the school's teaching and learning.
  • We have to look at other measures to move "high achieving" districts. What are the ways your district measures the 21st century skills and concepts?

And my favorite...
  • As a principal, I have to start fires instead of putting them out.

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